OYCL Outreach

The OYCL is closely monitoring the COVID-19 situation and it’s potential affects on the 2020/21 youth curling season. We are planning for the possibility of a delayed start to the curling season.  In any case, we anticipate that any future curling will look different than what we are used to seeing. The youth community is full of unique perspectives and innovative Ideas.   We want to keep the entire Ottawa Area Youth Curling Community engaged and advancing their own curling experience.  The OYCL Executive have many ideas and want to make sure we can reach the entire community. You don’t have to be an active OYCL member to participate.   We want to enhance the curling experience for all area youth.

If you want to be involved, please take a minute and provide us with some contact information and some thoughts.

Note: Participation in some/all of these activities could give you a chance to win some great prizes.