Team Homan and Pacific Exploration and Production Giving Back to Junior Curling Development in Ottawa 

The OYCL is very pleased to announce that Team Homan with support of their sponsor Pacific Exploration and Production  are contributing to junior curling development in Ottawa.

Any curlers registered to the OYCL in 2015-16 or for the upcoming 2016-17 season who attended a curling development camp between April 1st, 2016 and September 30th, 2016 can apply for one of ten $300 grants.  

Emma Artichuk

Learning a new skill and understanding how this skill will improve your team's performance and confidence!  Understanding the importance of all the positions is very valuable

Emilie Lovitt

Learning from your mistakes is a valuable life lesson; Learning to have fun as well as being competitive is a great skill.

Jessica Thorne

Team goal setting and good communication skills on and off the ice will make your team stronger: Learning to stay calm under pressure is excellent

Meesa Lydiate

Communication on and off the ice is key success factor in curling (and in life); great team dynamics is essential for a winning team

Jack Ragan

Even though you didn't perform 100% you were still happy - because you were able to put a new skill (which takes time to perfect) into use.

Jessica Guilbault

Enthusiasm for the game, understanding the power of motivation and goal setting are keys to success

Kieran Bisson

A very generous and selfless act demonstrates empathy for others: your kindness is outstanding.

Cloé Bourguignon

Being mentally in the game and understanding the importance of off ice preparation; Learning to focus on your team and not the opposition is extremely important.

Ben Whitehouse

Being able to throw weight with accuracy will be an asset to your team; How courageous to try something outside your comfort zone; Listening and learning are valuable assets.

Lucas Bourguignon

Enjoy the game and still be friends with the opposition and continuously improving as an athlete
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