The Ottawa Youth Curling League (OYCL) is looking for an energetic and enthusiastic young person for a one year term to act as the OYCL Social Media Specialist to help engage the youth curling community.

The position will involve creating and using accounts on popular social media networks along with documenting the account information and procedure.   The person in this position is expected to work with the OYCL Executive Team who will provide the bulk of the content for publishing.   It is expected that the person will also present creative new ideas for possible new content which can be reviewed with the OYCL Executive Team.  The objective is to communicate OYCL Events, share information of interest to youth curlers and maintain and create a social network for interested curlers.

This candidate:

  • will be proficient with multiple current social media platforms
  • should be knowledgeable about curling
  • will work with the OYCL Executive to actively publish content
  • must have the approval and support of their adult guardian to work
  • will receive compensation in the form of a 50% reduction in the fee for admission into one OYCL league

The successful candidate, and their guardian, will enter into a one year agreement that will outline guidelines for acceptable behaviour including, but not limited to, protection of the accounts, abiding to policies preventing misuse and abuse and/or publishing inappropriate/unapproved materials.

Please submit your interest to